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New technology, complete color

Tengda thin plate adopts 3D inkjet technology and fully polished super spar technology to make the product culture clear and beautiful, and the brick surface effect is stable and diverse. At the same time, the product is cut more easily and can be accurately cut into various sizes.

Ultra-thin thickness, cost savings
Compared with traditional building materials, Tengda sheet has a thickness of only 5.5mm. In the construction of high-rise buildings, it effectively improves construction efficiency and saves labor costs.


Low water absorption and uniform size
Compared with traditional building materials, Tengda thin plate has a good degree of porcelain, the water absorption rate is effectively controlled between 0.5-0.8%, the size is uniform, it does not break during the paving process, the size and design can be perfectly matched, and the paving effect is more beautiful and generous. 


Decorative and tailored
Tengda sheet “from stone, better than stone” has rich and bright color, strong decorative performance, can be used with other materials, and is customized to meet various decorative needs. It is a reflection of personality and art.


More decorative applications
Tengda sheet has various products such as matte imitation stone surface and full polished glaze. It is widely used in exterior walls, interior walls, bathrooms, kitchens, restaurants, living rooms, balcony walls and real estate elevators for real estate, high-end villas, hotels, office buildings, etc. Common parts such as the front chamber wall.


Lightweight quality is more energy efficient
Tengda thin plate realizes the light weight material of the product, which not only has complete specifications, but also effectively replaces 600X800 cutting. It effectively reduces the processing loss, transportation cost and manual handling cost during use.


The paving method is more convenient
Compared with traditional tile paving, Tengda sheet is more convenient, can be tiled with tile adhesive, greatly improving the adhesion of the wall, not easy to fall off. In terms of construction, instead of the traditional process, direct paving is safer.


Energy-saving and low-carbon new building materials
Compared with the aluminum plate, Tengda thin plate is not deformed, does not fade, and is more wear-resistant. Compared with the ceramic plate, it is durable and does not crack. Compared with stone, it has no color difference, no radiation, low water absorption, no noise during the cutting process, no dust. Reduce construction carbon emissions.