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Company yearbook

Company yearbook

Management Innovation (1993-2010)
■ In the mid-1980s, the mushroom handle building materials factory was established, and on this basis, the Sino-foreign joint venture Jinjiang Tengda Ceramics Co., Ltd. was established. The injection of foreign capital and advanced management experience promoted the company's good development.

■ In the mid-1990s, Taiwan's well-known consultants were hired to guide the re-engineering of enterprises to realize the transformation of family-owned enterprises into modern enterprises.
■ At the beginning of the new century, the company proposed the grand goal of “building the first brand of Chinese exterior wall tiles” and implemented lean production systems throughout the company.
■ Passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system and product quality double certification.
■ Introducing Italian advanced ceramic production technology and technology.
■ Established a long-term cooperative relationship with Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute.
■ Passed ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification.
■ Passed OHSAS18000 Occupational Health and Safety Certification.


Equipment Innovation (1993-2010) 

■ In 1993, the first German Hansoff wide-body Mingyan CNC roller kiln was introduced.
■ Introduced 21 sets of German Lace automatic brick presses.
■ In 1997, four German Hansoff wide-body Mingyan CNC roller kiln were introduced.
■ In 1999, the first three-degree kiln and two Italian Yidong wide-body flame kiln were introduced.
■ In 1999, it introduced a set of glazing equipment such as Italian glazing machine, vertical fast grinding machine, brushing machine, dry granulator and swinging cloud machine.
■ In 1999, it introduced Italian large-scale storage trolleys and Taiwan drying towers to achieve fully automated production.
■ In 2001, we introduced five wide-body flame kiln furnaces manufactured by Chuqiang Kiln Company of Wuhan University of Technology.
■ Leading the introduction of paddle kiln firing technology and manipulator technology in the province to make porcelain tile technology leading.
■ The gas station was built earlier in the country to use gas instead of oil as fuel.
■ Simultaneously introduce a complete set of whole body brick powder processing equipment to ensure the quality and delivery of the whole body brick.
■ The small size of the outer wall is the first to introduce multi-tube fabrics and two-material fabrics.

Product Innovation (1993-2010) 

■ Early production of 240x60mm, 235x52mm fine slabs (white blanks).
■ The first to produce 235x52mm, 235x40mm ice-patterned antique series exterior wall tiles.
■ Continuously introduce new products that are leading the trend: ice bricks, tri-color bricks, numb bricks, imitation stone bricks, rock bricks, glazed tiles, antique floor tiles.
■ The development and mass production of external wall tiles has become one of the earliest enterprises in China to produce external wall tiles.
■ The first development of printed square bricks, which are widely used in kitchens and bathrooms, and then selected by the National Grand Theatre, and exported to Europe and the United States.
■ The first to develop 200x400mm, 250x500mm, 300x600mm pedestal bricks - bedrock series of whole body bricks, making full use of various glazing techniques to make them have a beautiful stone texture.
■ The first to develop light-purifying bricks, ultra-thin bricks, and color-coded bricks.