37 years of ceramic tile production technology

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Vein face




45x95MM Large grain through-body bricks

New technology with a complete range of decors


The Tengda thin plate adopts 3D inkjet technology and fully polished superlite technology, making the product clear and beautiful in texture, and the brick surface effect stable and diverse. At the same time, product cutting is more convenient and can be accurately cut into various sizes.



Ultra thin thickness, cost saving


Compared to traditional building materials, Tengda thin plate is only 5.5mm thick, which effectively improves construction efficiency and saves labor costs in high-rise building projects.



Low water absorption and uniform size


Compared to traditional building materials, Tengda thin plate has a good degree of porcelain coating, with an effective water absorption rate controlled between 0.5 and 0.8%. The size is uniform and does not break during the laying process. The size and design can be perfectly matched, resulting in a more beautiful and generous laying effect.


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1. The company has established standardized modern factories and introduced 26 production lines and complete supporting measures to ensure stable quality of batch products;


2. On the basis of the national standard GB/T4100-2006, the company has developed enterprise internal control standards that are stricter than national standards, effectively ensuring that the quality of the company's products exceeds the requirements of national standards;


3. The company has established a systematic management system from raw material entry, product processing to product delivery, effectively ensuring the stable quality of products.

(1) The company ensures excellent quality and stable supply of raw materials by buying out mines, stockpiling raw materials, and importing high-quality color materials, thereby ensuring good product texture, bright hair color, and no fading. The company invested over 1 million yuan to establish a rare chemical analysis laboratory in the industry, which ensures that the purchased raw materials meet the quality requirements of the company and truly achieves the goal of "not entering the factory with unqualified raw materials".

(2) In terms of product processing, the company has formulated relevant operating standards from ball milling, spray, press, drying, glaze line and kiln processes, set up dozens of detection processes, and equipped professional quality control personnel to timely and accurately detect hundreds of process parameters, ensuring that "unqualified products will not flow into the next process".

(3) In terms of product delivery, the company has invested millions to establish a rare physical and chemical performance testing room in the industry. According to the "Internal Control Standards", the size, flatness, surface quality, and physical and chemical performance of kiln products are tracked and tested for 24 hours, ensuring that "unqualified products do not leave the factory".






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